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Taliesin Smith

Talie portrait I was born in a tipi with a young raven sitting on the top poles, near Carmarthen in South Wales, and was named after a figure from ancient Welsh mythology - Taliesin; so I was imbued with Celtic folklore from the very beginning.

I spent the first year of my life travelling round England, Wales and Ireland and also spent a month at Uluru in Australia.

I grew up on the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland and was inspired to draw and paint by my mother who was an established artist.

Being home-educated from the age of 5-13, I had the opportunity to hone my skills in the arena of Black and White line drawing, the subjects usually being places and ancient monuments, such as Scotland's answer to Stonehenge - the Calanais standing stones. I was still a child, however, and drew the things that interested me then. Dinosaurs in particular were a major source of fascination and I was inspired by the artist Mark "Crash" McCreery.

At twelve years of age I moved with my mother to live in Glastonbury, Somerset, in mainland England. Here I was immersed in the alternative cultures surrounding this pagan heartland and attended the "Goddess Conference", an event aimed at unlocking women's (and men's) feminine spirituality. The feelings and emotions I witnessed being expressed, suddenly raised my line-work to the next level. I began creating forms out of abstraction and experimenting with tonal textures. I was also inspired by the work of H. R. Giger.

At Glastonbury I attended St. Dunstan's School for three years, then went on to Strode College in Street where I obtained a BTec National Diploma in Fine Art and an A/S in Photography. I moved on to Somerset College of Art and Technology where I achieved a Foundation Degree in Graphic Design and then to the University of Plymouth where I obtained a BA(Hons) in Design/Illustration. I now live and work in Norwich, Norfolk.